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More Issues With Tesla

Hot on the heels of another deadly Tesla crash, Consumer Reports showed last week that it's simple to game the automaker's system of ensuring there's a driver in the driver's seat. The test and video showed no one actually needs to be behind the wheel for Autopilot to run. According to the initial investigation of the latest crash in Texas, neither of the two victims killed in a Tesla Model S were actually driving the car.

While we wait for more details from local and federal investigators, Consumer Reports' test highlights how easy it is to confuse Tesla's Autopilot system, which rates as a Level 2 driver-assist system on the SAE scale of autonomy. (No vehicle on sale today qualifies as a "self-driving car.") A driver engages Autopilot and bumps the speed down to zero. This does not disengage the system, and while the car's stopped, he attaches a weight to the steering wheel. With the weight used to mimic a driver's hand on the wheel, he scoots out of the driver's seat, leaves the seatbelt buckled in place and moves to the passenger seat.

From there, he increases the speed and Autopilot begins maneuvering and following the lines on the closed test course. Just like that, the car thinks a person remains behind the wheel. Autopilot does not use a camera or anything else to ensure a driver must be present and paying attention to the road ahead, which systems from General Motors, Ford and others do.

The system not only failed to make sure the driver was paying attention, but it also couldn't tell if there was a driver there at all. Tesla is falling behind other automakers like GM and Ford that, on models with advanced driver assist systems, use technology to make sure the driver is looking at the road.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

Following the crash, and considerable interest from the federal government, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that early data logs showed the car did not have Autopilot engaged and was not equipped with the Full Self-Driving mode beta. Autopilot is still capable of many mistakes, just like any other driver-assist system sold with cars. When it makes a mistake, it can shut off abruptly, potentially leading to a crash if the driver is not paying attention and ready to retake full control of the car. Musk's only comment since Consumer Reports published its findings was to say, "Does seem a little weird," in response to a Tesla owner's assertion that the media was "really ramping up attacks against Tesla."

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