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7 Things to Look for in an MSP (aka IT Services)

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Every modern business needs IT support. Businesses need management of their networks and quick solutions to fix any technical issues that arise. This might range from fixing an email problem to worst-case removing a ransomware virus. Small to medium sized businesses may not have an IT staff, so they turn to Managed Service Providers, or MSPs for short. MSPs are companies that will take on all your IT needs and manage them for you on outsource basis.

Utilizing an MSP is crucial in the success of many businesses by managing their networks. Computer and phone down time cost your business, no matter how you look at it.

Now that you have decided to hire an MSP, keep these seven tips in mind.

1. Hire a Trusted Adviser

While simple solutions may provide a short-term fix, a good MSP will provide expert advice that can help foresee and prevent future problems for your business by moving from a Break-Fix to Preventive Model. Technology planning is a major part of MSP service, and you should look for a company that will help guide your business to more efficient solutions. Providing solutions to prevent issues is more effective than simply fixing each issue that arises.

2. Right-size Your Technology Partner

Every business is different, and a good MSP will provide customized solutions tailored to your business. From remote support to onsite help, your personalized needs should be met; period. A good MSP should be willing to customize your service agreements to reflect your business needs.

3. Security is Key Having the peace of mind that your network is secure is crucial for your business. Any breach in your data can cost you in time and expenses. Having proper security measures in place is vital! Find an MSP that gives you the best-fit for your IT security requirements.

4. Industry Knowledge is Paramount Your company needs an MSP that is your trusted adviser. Find one with long standing industry experience and a willingness to provide multiple customer references. They must have experience with a wide variety of technical issues and how your technology needs will develop over time.

5. No “Chuck in a Truck” “Chuck in a Truck” is a term for an unqualified or single-person MSP pretending to be a professional organization. Technical issues are bound to arise, so having a MSP that is there when you need them is crucial to the success of your business. Single person MSP can’t always provide the coverage you need when you need it. Your business may require a large amount of support and a quick response time, make sure the MSP company you choose is a reliable and a quick responder.

6. Win with a Team Player A good MSP will become a valued member of your team and will help your business reach its goals. A part of your success relies in optimizing your efficiency as a business, and your IT plays a major role in that. An MSP that is dedicated to helping your business grow will make for a great match for your company.

7. Don’t be Just a Number Relationships are important, especially so in business. Having a good relationship with your MSP staff is something you strive to achieve. Don’t settle for an anonymous call center where you get someone different every time or an offshore service. A knowledgeable IT staff, that knows your site personally, that is able to manage your network and fix any issues that arise, will pay big dividends for your business.

In Summary, do your homework. Find an IT consulting services company that is a good fit for your business. One size does not fit all. Make sure they provide a comprehensive maintenance, disaster recovery, backup – including business continuity and managed IT service plans to fit your budget.

At Dallas Network Services, we work with a large variety of businesses based in Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) and the surrounding area such as Addison, Plano, Carrollton, Denton, Richardson, Garland and many more. We also extend our reach outside the area to include all Texas and other states. We provide on premise server support including Microsoft Exchange as well as Cloud computing services and hosted solutions. We specialize project services, network support, desktop support and Voice over IP (VoIP) business phones. Our fully managed IT services will improve your business reliability as well as your bottom line. Contact us today at or call 214-696-6630.

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